Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Indoor Home Workouts for the Summer

It’s HOT HOT HOT in the summer, so many of us are opting to workout indoors. Here is a new workout that I personally enjoy and have rotated throughout my regime.
Cathe Friedrich! Cathe has been making fitness videos for a long time and most people know her from Fit TV, a cable network channel.

Cathe is NO joke. Her workouts are intense and she wastes no time getting the job done. Originally, I wasn’t too thrilled with trying her out because of amount of equipment that used in the videos. But I decided that instead of buyer everything, only purchase a few items like a set of dumbbells and the stability ball then, improvise with the rest. So far, it’s worked fine and I’ve see noticeable results. However, what I do love about Cathe is her commitment to strength training for women. Cathe has DVDs that cater to all fitness levels when it comes to weight lifting. She also has some vids that longer than your standard 40 minute workouts. So if you’re looking for something more challenging as far as cardio routines…Cathe’s your girl.

You can find Cathe’s DVD at her website.