Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Natural Ladies!

So ladies, I've come across a fellow blogger who, in my opinion has a great option to our natural sisters or those who are transitioning. This half wig by Freetress "Nia" is absolutely fabulous! This is great for everyday wear but also a nice change if you looking for something sassy! Even if you're relaxed, roll your leave out hair in some perm/flex rods and wa-la! :) For more information and pictures, visit http://www.hairwegrow-again.com/

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So what its winter...don't forget about the Farmer's Markets!

I LOOOOVE the Farmer's Market. For ones, its just a great atmosphere to spend a Saturday morning. Secondly, when I buy fresh fruit it forces me to eat it within a certain time span so I can't buy junk food because of my "wastenotwantnotkidsaroundtheworldarestarving" upbringing. lol...

So recently, I've learned (and most likely the last person to find out, lol) that the Farmers Markets STAY open. If there is no farmers's market in your area, try places like Sprouts or Trader Joe's. Not to mention, but some Walmarts, Krogers, and other local grocery stores do a pretty good job of keep the produce section stocked with great items as well. Its also a good idea to become familar with the people who work in the produce so they can give you a heads up on when new shipments come in. ;) Anywho...here's a list of what in season for the next few winter months.

• Beans
• Brocoli
• Brussels Sprouts
• Cabbage
• Greens
• Okra
• Onions
• Peas: black-eyed, cream, purple hull, and crowder
• Peppers
• Potatoes
• Pumpkins
• Radishes
• Spinach
• Squash
• Sweet Potatoes
• Tomatoes
• Turnips

• Grapefruit
• Grapes
• Oranges
• Pears
• Persimmons


Hello everyone!

First off, let say to everyone Happy New Year! 2009 was a rough year for many people so I'm claiming 2010 to be full of good health, prosperity and happiness for everyone!

So with that said...you know I have new fitness goals and challenges for myself. I'm starting another cycle of P90X on January 4. I'm hoping to drop a dress size by April as well. The last time I did P90X, I did the lean version which has a more cardio focus. However, I've found that I like to run on the treadmill so Im going the "classic" version this go-around. I may not drop the pounds BUT I am looking forward to building muscle mass that will replace the fat.

Speaking of New Year...has anyone noticed the "lack" of weight loss and gym membership commercials this year? Maybe its me, but I always notice the non-stop advertisements of diet pills, machines, and fitness dvds more than ever. Maybe marketers realize that most folks are looking to improve thier financial house this year rather than thier fitness house. But, I am of the belief that physical and health is really all we have in this world so that should always be apart of our lives.