Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The EPIC FAIL of Pure Protein Shakes.

Recently, Pure Protein released a protein shake. Initially, I couldn’t wait to try it because their Pure Protein bars are DELICIOUS! Seriously, ladies those bars are really good and filling…and I will say that for ALL of their flavors. I keep one in my purse on standby just in case I get a hungry while out running errands. Anywho…so I’m in Target and see the shakes. Price wise, there along the same as Muscle Milk but come in a soda can instead of a juice box style. My excitement grows as I see that its high in protein but low in sugar and carbs. To be fair in my comparison, I let the shakes chill before I tried them. It tasted like liquid baby powder! I could not believe it. I had some blain shakes before but this took the cake. Sorry ladies, but I can’t even give this 1 star. I only tried to the Chocolate, maybe the other flavors are better but in my opinion, if you can’t the basic chocolate right, I’ll pass on the others.