Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Workout Room

The Workout Room

Its winter, so many of us are opting to workout indoors. Here are some workouts I personally enjoy and rotate throughout my regime.

Leslie Sansone, Walk Away the Pounds. This is a great low-impact workout that stills give you a good calorie burn. She has MANY DVDs that range from 1 mile to 5 miles. Leslie’s workouts are great if you’re in a small space or want to combine this cardio workout with some weigh training. I have the 4 Fast Miles DVD that gives the options to choose what mile you want to walk. This is great for the days I’m low on time and cannot do the entire 4 miles.

You can find Leslie’s DVD at her website or Amazon.

The Gym

The trusty TREADMILL. For many of us, upon entering the gym we start out walking on the treadmill using the “manual” settings. However, recently, I began using the preset workouts, specifically the 5k loop. A 5k is approximately 3.14 miles. Even though I’m not in a seasoned runner, the presets allowed me increase and decrease the intensity to complete the workout without cutting it short.

The ELLIPTICAL. For beginners, the elliptical can be quite a challenge because it works the entire body. When I first started, getting through 10 minutes was a challenge. My arms, core, and legs used to BURN!!! Not focusing on the speed but gaining endurance to increase the amount the of time became my goal. Now, I’m up to 40 minutes with medium resistance. I highly recommend this machine for all fitness level. Also, similar to the treadmill preset workouts are available.

I’m sure everyone has heard of it. P90X is a in-home fitness program designed to kick your butt! Lol…just kidding, not really. P90X is a series of workouts that create muscle confusion. Unlike other fitness programs, you never reach a fitness plateau because your body is always working something different.

I started this program on December 1, 2008. After 30 days (the program is 90 days), into my SECOND round of P90X I can not only see weight loss and toning but an increase in my strength. Ladies, if you’re concerned about getting bulky on this program, don’t be. There is a lean version that focuses on toning and cardio which is ideal for most women. Throughout this P90X journey, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about my body and pushing it to its limits. This program is marketed to “fitness freaks” and athletes, however, at 200lbs+ I am able to do this workout will little alterations to the program. EVERY exercise program warns people to consult your physician but with the intensity of P90X, it’s definitely a must. P90X also comes with a nutrition guide that stresses EATING! Because of the intensity of this workout, you cannot eat nuts and berries alone and expect to see results. The diet is balance with protein and good carbs. Every day of the program is outlined. It’s really a no brainer if you’re dedicated.